Frontline Worship Ministry

Welcome to Frontline Worship Ministry

Who will be the ones to lead in battle? This question was asked of God in the 1st chapter of Judges. God answered by declaring, “Judah will go.” He called those who represent praise to be on the FRONTLINE. Our purpose in Frontline Worship Ministry is to answer that call and lead God’s people into victory through our corporate praise on Sunday mornings.

Our purpose is to honor God with all that we have as an act of true worship. We are one team involving voices, instruments, sound, and media.

Worship Ministries


The Media Ministry is a dynamic of ministry that enhances the live worship experiences for our physical campus along with our online campus. There are positions in sound, lighting, computer presentation, video camera operators, photography, social media marketing, video production, and media control room assistants. The excitement in this ministry is limitless and so are the opportunities for you. Contact Todd Pass for more details.

Praise Band
Praise Band

Frontline Praise Band provides music for worship services, special events, and productions. Music is an integral part of our Worship experience and brings a variety of worship styles and many opportunities for those with musical talents, gifts, and abilities. This ministry allows you to express those through worship.

Praise Team
Praise Team

Frontline Praise Team consists of vocalists for worship services, special events, and productions. This ministry allows you to express your talents through singing and worship.




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